Number of species by continent and fungal groups

ContinentChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime MouldCup-fungi, Truffles and AlliesLichensMushrooms, Brackets and PuffballsRusts and SmutsSpecies TotalCountries Total
North America42975159427121
South America01344226111

Table 1. Number of nominated species are shown for each continent and fungal group. The total number of nominated species and the sum of countries they cover are highlighted.

Nominated species and their distribution by continent

SpeciesIUCN Specialist GroupEuropeAsiaAfricaOceaniaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaCountries Total
Barbeyella minutissimaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould112002015
Diacheopsis kowalskiiChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould1000102
Diacheopsis metallicaChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould4101208
Dianema inconspicuumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould2000002
Lamproderma disseminatumChytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould4000105
Acrospermum chilenseCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Ascoclavulina sakaiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1100002
Balsamia platysporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies110001012
Balsamia vulgarisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies100001011
Barrmaelia oxyacanthaeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies154002021
Biscogniauxia bartholomaeiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000203
Biscogniauxia quernaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Blumeria graminisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2511622147
Chlorostroma vestlandicumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Chlorovibrissea melanochloraCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0002002
Choiromyces meandriformisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies242000026
Chorioactis geasterCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100102
Cordyceps kirkiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001001
Cortinarius pavelekiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Corynelia brasiliensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0001012
Corynelia jamaicensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000404
Corynelia nipponensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100001
Corynelia portoricensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000303
Cryptomyces maximusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies140002016
Cyttaria darwiniiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Cyttaria exiguaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Destuntzia rubraCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Diehliomyces microsporusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2401119
Discina fastigiataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Elaphomyces aculeatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies110000011
Elaphomyces anthracinusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies130002015
Elaphomyces granulatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies251002129
Elaphomyces muricatusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies222004028
Elaphomyces virgatosporusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies7000007
Fevansia aurantiacaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Gastrolactarius camphoratusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Gelatinodiscus flavidusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Geoglossum littoraleCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2000002
Helvella palustrisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Hydnotrya tulasneiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies201002023
Hypotarzetta insignisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2110004
Ionomidotis irregularisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies6100209
Kalaharituber pfeiliiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0030003
Lophodermella conjunctaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies8100009
Nectria ganymedeCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Nemania gwyneddiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies3000003
Ophiocordyceps sinensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0400004
Otidea platysporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies6100007
Poronia punctataCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies217104336
Pseudoallosoma nervisequensCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Pseudorhizina korshinskiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies144002020
Rhizopogon alexsmithiiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000202
Sarcosoma globosumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies112002015
Scutellinia kerguelensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies134422227
Spathularia nigripesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Symphyosirinia clematidisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2000002
Terfezia arenariaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies712300022
Terfezia boudieriCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies29600017
Terfezia claveryiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies317600026
Tirmania niveaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies17600014
Triblidium octosporumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies1000001
Tripospora macrosporaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000022
Tripospora venezuelensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000011
Tuber indicumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0200002
Urnula crateriumCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies191002022
Wynnea sparassoidesCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0000101
Xylaria acuminatilongissimaCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0100001
Xylaria moliwensisCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies0010001
Xylaria poiteiCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies035010321
Zeus olympiusCup-fungi, Truffles and Allies2000002
Acantholichen galapagoensisLichens0000011
Acanthothecis leucoxanthoidesLichens0000101
Acanthothecis paucisporaLichens0000101
Acarospora placodiiformisLichens4210007
Anzia centrifugaLichens1000001
Anzia colpodesLichens0000202
Anzia ornataLichens0300104
Arthonia calabrellaLichens1000001
Arthonia cupressinaLichens0000202
Arthonia kermesinaLichens0000101
Arthopyrenia betulicolaLichens0000101
Aspicilia rogeriLichens0000101
Bacidia incompta var. incomptaLichens262100029
Bacidia phyllopsoropsisLichens0000101
Bacidia rosellaLichens101000011
Bryoria carlottaeLichens0000202
Bryoria mariensisLichens0000011
Buellia asterellaLichens6000006
Buellia carballalianaLichens1000001
Buellia sharpianaLichens0000101
Caloplaca luteoalbaLichens193211026
Caloplaca obamaeLichens0000101
Caloplaca rinodinae-albaeLichens1000001
Cetradonia linearisLichens0000101
Cetreliopsis papuaeLichens0001001
Circinaria emiliaeLichens1200003
Cladidium bolanderiLichens0000101
Cladonia appalachensisLichens0000101
Cladonia mediterraneaLichens71300011
Cladonia perforataLichens0000101
Cladonia submitisLichens0000101
Coccotrema maritimumLichens0000202
Collema coniophilumLichens0000202
Collema curtisporumLichens6000208
Collema dichotomumLichens151000016
Cryptothecia fuscopunctataLichens0000101
Cyphelium brachysporumLichens0000101
Dendriscosticta wrightiiLichens35002010
Dermiscellum oulocheilumLichens0000101
Diorygma basinigrumLichens0000101
Edrudia constipansLichens0000101
Enterographa bradleyanaLichens0000101
Enterographa caudataLichens0000101
Enterographa murrayanaLichens0000101
Enterographa nitidulaLichens0000101
Erioderma pedicellatumLichens3000205
Fissurina alligatorensisLichens0000101
Fissurina americanaLichens0000101
Fissurina ilicicolaLichens0000101
Graphis sterlingianaLichens0000101
Gyalecta herculinaLichens7100008
Gyalecta ulmiLichens231000024
Gyalectidium colchicumLichens3200005
Gymnoderma insulareLichens0200002
Herpothallon hyposticticumLichens0000101
Hypotrachyna virginicaLichens0000303
Lecanographa insolitaLichens0000101
Lecanographa lynceaLichens92202318
Lecanora conizaeoides f. conizaeoidesLichens260000026
Lecanora masanaLichens0000101
Lecanora munziiLichens0000101
Lecanora phryganitisLichens0000101
Lepraria lanataLichens0000101
Leprocaulon terricolaLichens0000101
Leptogium rivulareLichens80002010
Lethariella intricataLichens81100010
Lethariella togashiiLichens1100002
Lobaria halliiLichens4000307
Lobaria immixtaLichens2000002
Lobaria macaronesicaLichens2000002
Loxospora assateaguensisLichens0000101
Loxospora confusaLichens0000101
Megaspora rimisorediataLichens0300003
Mycoporum biseptatumLichens0000101
Nephroma areolatumLichens1000001
Nephroma foliolatumLichens1000001
Nephroma hensseniaeLichens1000001
Nephromopsis endocroceaLichens1100002
Opegrapha gyrophoricaLichens0000101
Opegrapha keyensisLichens0000101
Opegrapha protocetraricaLichens0000101
Parmelina atrichaLichens4000004
Parmotrema hypoleucinumLichens5030109
Parmotrema sampaioiLichens1000001
Peltigera aquaticaLichens0000101
Peltigera gowardiiLichens0000202
Peltigera hydrothyriaLichens0000202
Peltularia crassaLichens0002002
Phaeographis oricolaLichens0000101
Phaeophyscia leanaLichens0000101
Physconia subpallidaLichens0000202
Pilophorus fibulaLichens0000202
Platygramme coccineaLichens0000101
Platygramme pseudomontagneiLichens0200002
Porpidia nadvornikianaLichens4000004
Ramalina confertulaLichens1000001
Ramalina erosaLichens1000001
Ramalina jamesiiLichens1000001
Ramalina portosantanaLichens1000001
Ramalina timdalianaLichens1000001
Reichlingia zwackhiiLichens100000010
Rinodina brodoanaLichens0000101
Rinodina chrysomelaenaLichens0000202
Santessoniella crossophyllaLichens0000202
Seirophora lacunosaLichens3510009
Seirophora villosaLichens63600318
Siphula dactylizaLichens0000101
Siphula flavovirensLichens0010001
Staurolemma omphalarioidesLichens2000002
Stereocaulon tennesseenseLichens0100203
Sticta alpinotropicaLichens0001001
Sulcaria badiaLichens0000101
Sulcaria isidiiferaLichens0000101
Sulcaria spiraliferaLichens0000101
Thelomma carolinianumLichens0000101
Umbilicaria josiaeLichens2000002
Umbilicaria phaea var. coccineaLichens0000101
Usnocetraria oakesianaLichens85002015
Wadeana dendrographaLichens4000105
Xanthoparmelia beccaeLichens0010001
Xanthoparmelia idahoensisLichens0000101
Xanthoparmelia pulvinarisLichens6200008
Xylographa lagoiLichens1000001
Agaricus crocopeplusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0800008
Agaricus pattersoniaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Albatrellus cantharellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Albatrellus yasudaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0300003
Aleurodiscus bernicchiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Aleurodiscus hallenbergiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Amanita arocheaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000213
Amanita caesareaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball222300027
Amanita friabilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Amanita longitibialeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita morrisiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita ristichiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Amanita roseolamellataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Amanita singeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000016
Amanita torrendiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4130008
Amanita tuzaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita westiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amanita zayantensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Amauroderma rugosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball07122113
Amylocystis lapponicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121002015
Antrodia albobrunneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Armillaria ectypaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball161000017
Arrhenia discoroseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7200009
Asterophora lycoperdoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8100009
Aurantiporus alborubescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball101000011
Austroboletus amazonicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Bankera fuligineoalbaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball225002029
Battarrea phalloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball21131614358
Beenakia frictaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3020106
Blastosporella zonataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Bolbitius jalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletellus jalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletellus singeriiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Boletinellus merulioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Boletopsis griseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball162002020
Boletopsis nothofagiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Boletus aurantiosplendensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus billieaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus dupainiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball171000018
Boletus ichnusanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Boletus loyoMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Boletus peckiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Boletus regiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball161001018
Boletus rhodosanguineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Bondarcevomyces taxiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1200003
Boninogaster phalloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Bovista acuminataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5100208
Bovista paludosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball211000022
Bovista sclerocystisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Bridgeoporus nobilissimusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Buchwaldoboletus lignicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball173001021
Buglossoporus magnusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Callistosporium vinosobrunneumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Calostoma insigneMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0301004
Camarophyllopsis peckianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Campanophyllum proboscideumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000224
Cantharellus melanoxerosMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180000018
Cantharellus quercophilusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cantharocybe gruberiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2010205
Catatrama costaricensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100113
Caulorhiza hygrophoroidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cercopemyces crocodilinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Cercopemyces ponderosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Chlorogaster dipterocarpiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Clathrus madagascariensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0010001
Claustula fischeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0002002
Clavaria zollingeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball208022133
Clavulinopsis appalachiensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Cleistocybe carneogriseaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1010002
Clitopilus tilliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000103
Coltricia montagneiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000102
Colus hirudinosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball53300011
Cortinarius caperatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cortinarius citrino-olivaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Cortinarius cupreorufusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120001013
Cortinarius ionochlorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8010009
Cortinarius odoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Cortinarius osloensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cortinarius prasinocyaneusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Cortinarius suaveolensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Cortinarius xanthosuavisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Cotylidia carpaticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6200109
Craterellus boyacensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000213
Craterellus cornucopioidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball124013020
Cryptoporus volvatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1600209
Cuphophyllus lepidopusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Cuphophyllus radiatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cyathus cheliensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cyathus confususMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cyathus wutaishanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Cystoderma carpaticumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Cystoderma superbumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Deflexula fascicularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0003003
Dendrocollybia pycnoramellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Dendrothele latenavicularisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Dermoloma magicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Dichomitus efibulatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Echinodontium ballouiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Echinodontium japonicumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0200002
Echinodontium ryvardeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Entoloma bloxamiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball220000022
Entoloma galericolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Entoloma henriciiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Entoloma jennyaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Entoloma necopinatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Entoloma parasiticumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Entoloma prunuloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Favolaschia roldanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Fibricium gloeocystidiatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Filobasidiella luteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Fistulina guzmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Fistulina hepaticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball175001023
Flammulina fennaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Flammulina mexicanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Floccularia luteovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Floccularia luteovirens f. luteovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110000011
Floccularia rickeniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Fomitopsis ibericaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8100009
Fomitopsis officinalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball175102025
Galerella xalapensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Galeropsis polytrichoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ganoderma colossusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball03329118
Gastroboletus subalpinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Gastroboletus valdivianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gastrosporium simplexMushroom, Bracket and Puffball164102124
Gautieria inapireMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Geastrum hungaricumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball73000010
Geastrum pouzariiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000105
Gliophorus europerplexusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Gliophorus reginaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Gloeocantharellus purpurascensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Gloeocantharellus uitotanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Gomphidius roseusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Gomphus clavatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball264002032
Gomphus crassipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2020004
Gomphus guadelupensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Grifola frondosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball241000025
Grifola gargalMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000022
Gyroporus phaeocyanescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Gyroporus punctatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1100002
Haasiella venustissimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130000013
Hapalopilus croceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball242102029
Hapalopilus nidulansMushroom, Bracket and Puffball83002114
Haploporus odorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5200209
Heimioporus australisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Hericium alpestreMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121002015
Hericium coralloidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball235000028
Hericium erinaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2811013144
Hericium rajchenbergiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hohenbuehelia boniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Hohenbuehelia culmicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Hohenbuehelia longipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Humidicutis peleaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Humidicutis poilenaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hydnellum compactumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball150000015
Hydnellum cyanopodiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hydnellum gracilipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Hydnellum mirabileMushroom, Bracket and Puffball90002011
Hydnodon thelephorusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball00008614
Hydropus atramentosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130000013
Hygroaster cleefiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hygrocybe aphyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180000018
Hygrocybe boothiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Hygrocybe calyptriformis var. calyptriformisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball260000026
Hygrocybe citrinovirensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball221000023
Hygrocybe coccineocrenataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball183002023
Hygrocybe colemannianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Hygrocybe flavifoliaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe flavipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Hygrocybe ingrataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball180000018
Hygrocybe intermediaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Hygrocybe lamalamaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe miniatofirmaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe monteverdaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Hygrocybe noelokelaniMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe ovinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball210000021
Hygrocybe pakeloMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Hygrocybe purpureofoliaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hygrocybe spadiceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball191000020
Hygrocybe striatellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Hygrocybe swaneticaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1100002
Hygrophorus goetzeiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hygrophorus marzuolusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball161101019
Hygrophorus rainierensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hygrophorus vernalisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Hymenochaete cruentaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball226000129
Hymenochaete ulmicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8100009
Inocybe comatellaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Inonotus albertiniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Inonotus obliquusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball160002018
Inonotus pusillusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000303
Laccaria pseudomontanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius acatlanensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius agglutinatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius cordovaensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius fuliginellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lactarius fuscomarginatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius haugiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius novae-zelandiaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Lactarius pseudoscrobiculatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Lactarius rubidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lactarius strigosipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lamelloporus americanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000336
Lenzitopsis oxycedriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3110005
Lepiota brunneolilaceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8010009
Lepiota luteophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepiota rhodophyllaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepiota scaberulaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lepiota viridiglebaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leptonia carneaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leptonia subrubineaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Leucoagaricus dyscritusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leucoagaricus hesperiusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Leucopaxillus lepistoides var. lepistoidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4010005
Lignosus rhinocerotisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0702009
Limacella ochraceoluteaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5100017
Limacella solidipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Lindtneria thujatsuginaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Lycoperdon atropurpureumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball141100016
Lycoperdon rimulatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000305
Lyophyllum favreiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Lysurus gardneriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1100002
Macrolepiota bonaerensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Marasmius guzmanianusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Montagnea radiosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball15181024251
Mycena concolorMushroom, Bracket and Puffball90002011
Mycena luxaeternaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Mycena silvae-pristinaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Myriostoma coliformeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball247213340
Naiadolina flavomerulinaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Neoalbatrellus subcaeruleoporusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Neolentiporus squamosellusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Omphalotus mexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Panaeolus papilionaceus var. papilionaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Phaeocollybia oregonensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Phaeocollybia singeriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phallus impudicus var. togatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2000002
Phellodon excentrimexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phellorinia herculeanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball66800020
Pholiota henningsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Phylloporus guzmaniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Phylloporus pelletieriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball305100036
Piptoporus quercinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball151001017
Pluteus aurantiorugosusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball152000017
Pluteus fenzliiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6200008
Pluteus mammillatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Podoscypha multizonataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball121000013
Polyporus corylinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball2020004
Polyporus subvariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1200003
Polyporus umbellatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000205
Porpoloma metapodiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball140000014
Porpoloma spinulosumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000006
Pouzarella alissaeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psathyrella ammophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball191002224
Psathyrella cystidiosaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psathyrella rhodosporaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Psathyrella sphagnicolaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball9000009
Psilocybe aztecorumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Pycnoporellus alboluteusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball90001010
Pycnoporus sanguineusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0110002
Pyrofomes demidoffiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4310109
Ramaria broomeiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball91000010
Ramaria magnipesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball3000003
Ramaria purpurissimaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramaria roelliniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Ramaria verlotensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Ramariopsis lentofragilisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Retiboletus flavonigerMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhizopogon baxteriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Rhodotus palmatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball243002029
Royoporus pseudobetulinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4100106
Rozites colombianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000112
Rubinoboletus rubinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball140000014
Russula austrodelicaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Russula galbanaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0001001
Russula herreraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Russula hixsoniiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Russula texensisMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Sarcodon fuligineoviolaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball82010011
Sarcodon fuscoindicusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Sarcodon joeidesMushroom, Bracket and Puffball100000010
Sarcodon leucopusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball151000016
Skeletocutis nothofagiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000011
Spongiforma squarepantsiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Squamanita odorataMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Squamanita paradoxaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130002015
Squamanita schreieriMushroom, Bracket and Puffball8000008
Stereopsis burtianaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0400419
Stereopsis humphreyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Strobilomyces strobilaceusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball132000015
Stropharia halophilaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball4000004
Suillus caerulescensMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus flavidusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball120001013
Suillus lakeiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus ploransMushroom, Bracket and Puffball7000007
Suillus sibiricusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball163000019
Suillus subalpinusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Suillus variegatusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1000001
Suillus weaveraeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Taiwanofungus camphoratusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0100001
Tricholoma acerbumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball174000021
Tricholoma apiumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball130002015
Tricholoma borgsjoeënseMushroom, Bracket and Puffball6000006
Tricholoma graveMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Tricholoma joachimiiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball110001012
Tricholoma matsutakeMushroom, Bracket and Puffball96002017
Tricholoma mesoamericanumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Tubaria puniceaMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000202
Tulostoma niveumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball5000005
Tulostoma striatumMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1111116
Tyromyces amarusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Veligaster mexicanusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball0000101
Veluticeps berkeleyiMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1300408
Xerocoprinus arenariusMushroom, Bracket and Puffball1030004
Anthracoidea andinaRust and Smut0000022
Anthracoidea ortegaeRust and Smut0000022
Entyloma maroccanumRust and Smut0010001
Hyalopsora adianti-capilli-venerisRust and Smut81200011
Mundkurella heptapleuriRust and Smut0100001
Mundkurella japonicaRust and Smut0100001
Nyssopsora echinataRust and Smut7000108
Puccinia clintoniiRust and Smut3200207
Puccinia embergeriaeRust and Smut0001001
Puccinia physospermiRust and Smut5200007
Puccinia scorzoneraeRust and Smut125100018
Puccinia sieversiaeRust and Smut3000104
Pucciniastrum goodyeraeRust and Smut4000206
Restiosporium dissimileRust and Smut0001001
Restiosporium lepyrodiaeRust and Smut0001001
Restiosporium pateiRust and Smut0001001
Sporisorium elionuri-tristisRust and Smut0010001
Sporisorium glyphochloaeRust and Smut0100001
Urocystis galanthiRust and Smut4000004
Urocystis novae-zelandiaeRust and Smut0001001
Ustilago lepturi-xerophiliRust and Smut0001001
Ustilago neurachnesRust and Smut0001001
Ustilago suddianaRust and Smut0020002


Table 2. Number of countries with occurance is shown for each species and continent. The columns can be sorted by clicking the headers.

Data contributors for each nominated species

SpeciesContributorsLatest Activity
Poronia punctataWim Ozinga, Leonardo Giuliani, Armin Mešić, André Aptroot, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, Vera Hayova, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Eugene Popov, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Kamil Kędra, Yury Rebriev, Inita Daniele, David Minter
Hygrocybe colemannianaAnders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Entoloma prunuloidesAnders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Cystoderma carpaticumAnders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Hydnellum compactumWim Ozinga, Nikola Lačković, Tommy Knutsson, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova, Anders Dahlberg
Grifola frondosaAnders Dahlberg, Wim Ozinga, Vera Hayova
Pholiota henningsiiWim Ozinga, Thomas Læssøe, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Hapalopilus croceusArmin Mešić, Thomas Læssøe, Tsutomu Hattori, Reda Irsenaite, Vera Hayova, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Boletopsis griseaReda Irsenaite, Daniel Dvořák, Tsutomu Hattori, Martyn Ainsworth, Tea von Bonsdorff, Tatyana Svetasheva, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, André Aptroot, Thomas Læssøe, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev
Amylocystis lapponicaDaniel Dvořák, Noah Siegel, Thomas Læssøe, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Claudia Perini, Michael Krikorev
Discina fastigiataAnders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Daniel Dvořák, Tommy Knutsson
Cortinarius xanthosuavisAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson
Psathyrella ammophilaWim Ozinga, Reda Irsenaite, Armin Mešić, Else Vellinga, Izabela L. Kalucka, Tsutomu Hattori, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Thomas Læssøe, João Baptista-Ferreira, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Irina Gorbunova, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini
Buchwaldoboletus lignicolaWim Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Else Vellinga, Christian Schwarz, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva
Amanita friabilisWim Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Daniel Dvořák, Susana C. Gonçalves, Martyn Ainsworth, Inita Daniele, Oliver Ellingham, Anna Kiyashko, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Vladimír Kunca, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Flammulina fennaeWim Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Hygrocybe coccineocrenataWim Ozinga, Claudia Perini, Javier Marcos Martínez, Tsutomu Hattori, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Kamil Kędra, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Irina Gorbunova, Ivona Kautmanova, Boris Ivančević
Strobilomyces strobilaceusWim Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Marija Katarzyte, Michael Krikorev, Tsutomu Hattori, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Nikola Lačković, Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Ivona Kautmanova, M.R. Asef
Suillus variegatusWim Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg
Haasiella venustissimaWim Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Jean Berube, Thomas Læssøe, Andreas Gminder
Fistulina hepaticaWim Ozinga, Armin Mešić, Javier Marcos Martínez, Tsutomu Hattori, Claudia Perini, Susana C. Gonçalves, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Tommy Knutsson, Nikola Lačković, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva, Thomas Læssøe, M.R. Asef, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Nirmal Harsh
Entoloma parasiticumWim Ozinga, Tug DeLuce, Davide Puddu
Fomitopsis officinalisWim Ozinga, Izabela L. Kalucka, Vladimír Kunca, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Tsutomu Hattori, Tatyana Svetasheva
Clavaria zollingeriWim Ozinga, Reda Irsenaite, Inita Daniele, Tsutomu Hattori, Martyn Ainsworth, Tea von Bonsdorff, Tommy Knutsson, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Tatyana Svetasheva, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Kamil Kędra, Vladimír Kunca, Ivona Kautmanova, Michael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Entoloma bloxamiiWim Ozinga, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg
Cortinarius caperatusWim Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg
Squamanita paradoxaWim Ozinga, Else Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves, Javier Marcos Martínez, Debbie Viess, Sean Cooch, Davide Puddu
Squamanita odorataWim Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, Davide Puddu
Craterellus cornucopioidesWim Ozinga, Claudia Perini, Armin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Cantharellus melanoxerosWim Ozinga, Else Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves, Boris Ivančević
Hygrocybe ovinaWim Ozinga, Anders Dahlberg, Armin Mešić
Asterophora lycoperdoidesWim Ozinga, Reda Irsenaite, Armin Mešić, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Inita Daniele, Tsutomu Hattori, Elena Zvyagina, Michael Krikorev, Stephanos Diamandis
Bankera fuligineoalbaWim Ozinga, Inita Daniele, Reda Irsenaite, Daniel Dvořák, Noah Siegel, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Dichomitus efibulatusAnders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Kuehneromyces mutabilisAnders Dahlberg
Lycoperdon perlatumAnders Dahlberg
Suillus caerulescensAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Suillus lakeiAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Pluteus mammillatusAnders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Phellodon excentrimexicanusGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Inonotus pusillusGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Psilocybe aztecorumGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Lactarius strigosipesGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Bovista sclerocystisAnders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Favolaschia roldanaGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Phylloporus guzmaniiGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Phaeocollybia singeriGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Omphalotus mexicanusGregory Mueller, Roberto Garibay Orijel, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Joaquin Cifuentes
Marasmius guzmanianusGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Flammulina mexicanaGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Boletellus singeriiGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Bolbitius jalapensisGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Boletellus jalapensisGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Amanita tuzaGregory Mueller, Roberto Garibay Orijel, Anders Dahlberg
Amanita zayantensisAnders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Limacella solidipesAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leacock, Annabelle Langlois
Haploporus odorusAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Brenda Callan
Hygrocybe citrinovirensFilip Fuljer, Anders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Ivona Kautmanova
Phaeocollybia oregonensisAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Tricholoma apiumAnders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele, Tor Erik Brandrud
Buglossoporus magnusAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori
Bridgeoporus nobilissimusAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Else Vellinga
Galeropsis polytrichoidesAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Boletus aurantiosplendensAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Ramaria verlotensisAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Boletus peckiiAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Lactarius cordovaensisAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Chlorostroma vestlandicumAnders Dahlberg, Björn Nordén, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe
Boletinellus merulioidesElse Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Hydnellum mirabileDaniel Dvořák, Tommy Knutsson, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Ivona Kautmanova, Anders Dahlberg
Sarcodon leucopusDaniel Dvořák, Else Vellinga, Tsutomu Hattori, Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Hygrocybe pakeloAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Hygrocybe lamalamaAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Xylaria acuminatilongissimashahina NK
Hygrocybe calyptriformis var. calyptriformisFilip Fuljer, Else Vellinga, Martyn Ainsworth, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Susana C. Gonçalves, Inita Daniele, Matthias Kaltenböck, Sean Cooch, Clemence Pillard
Pluteus fenzliiVladimír Kunca, Irina Gorbunova
Sarcodon fuscoindicusKent Brothers, Emma Harrower, Anders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Joaquin Cifuentes
Cortinarius cupreorufusEmma Harrower, Anders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Tor Erik Brandrud
Aurantiporus alborubescensVladimír Kunca, Daniel Dvořák, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen
Tricholoma acerbumVladimír Kunca, Nikola Lačković, Armin Mešić, Michael Krikorev, Claudia Perini, Inita Daniele, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tor Erik Brandrud
Hygrocybe ingrataVladimír Kunca, Filip Fuljer, Armin Mešić, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe
Armillaria ectypaVladimír Kunca, Reda Irsenaite, Elena Zvyagina, Tea von Bonsdorff, Tsutomu Hattori, Thomas Læssøe, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Michael Krikorev, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva
Piptoporus quercinusVladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Andreas Gminder, Martin Livezey, Tsutomu Hattori, Tatyana Svetasheva, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Gomphidius roseusVladimír Kunca, Claudia Perini, Anders Dahlberg
Phylloporus pelletieriVladimír Kunca, Else Vellinga, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Giampaolo Simonini, Tatyana Svetasheva
Polyporus umbellatusVladimír Kunca, Armin Mešić, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Tricholoma borgsjoeënseVladimír Kunca, Thomas Læssøe, Tor Erik Brandrud
Fomitopsis ibericaClaudia Perini, Anna Kiyashko, Bojan Šeguljev
Heimioporus australisAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leonard
Russula galbanaAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leonard
Hygrocybe boothiiAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leonard
Inonotus albertiniiAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leonard
Amanita roseolamellataAnders Dahlberg, Susan Nuske
Cortinarius ionochlorusClaudia Perini, Martyn Ainsworth, José Miguel Pereira, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Hygrophorus marzuolusClaudia Perini, Anders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Mitko Karadelev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Boletus ichnusanusSusana C. Gonçalves, Claudia Perini
Boletus dupainiiDaniel Dvořák, Susana C. Gonçalves, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, João Baptista-Ferreira, Tatyana Svetasheva, Vladimír Kunca, Claudia Perini
Veligaster mexicanusGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Tricholoma mesoamericanumGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Russula herreraeGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval
Amanita caesareaFilip Fuljer, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves, Nirmal Harsh, Tetiana Kryvomaz, Nikola Lačković, Clemence Pillard
Gliophorus reginaeFilip Fuljer, Anders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Zeus olympiusMitko Karadelev, Anders Dahlberg, David Minter
Rhodotus palmatusReda Irsenaite, Daniel Dvořák, Else Vellinga, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Tatyana Svetasheva, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Pablo Pérez Daniëls, Inita Daniele
Lactarius acatlanensisGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Galerella xalapensisGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Cryptomyces maximusBrian Douglas, Anders Dahlberg, Ivona Kautmanova, Eugene Popov, David Minter
Amanita longitibialeGregory Mueller, Anders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Bovista paludosaReda Irsenaite, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Hericium alpestreArmin Mešić, Anna Kiyashko, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Hygrocybe spadiceaArmin Mešić, Daniel Dvořák, Jean Berube, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Michael Krikorev, Eef Arnolds
Battarrea phalloidesArmin Mešić, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Tom May, Vera Hayova, Mikael Jeppson, Mitko Karadelev, Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ivona Kautmanova, Yury Rebriev, Kamil Kędra, Violeta Atienza, Boris Ivančević, Michael Krikorev
Hydropus atramentosusArmin Mešić, Anna Kiyashko, Vladimír Kunca, Tea von Bonsdorff, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe
Urnula crateriumArmin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Vera Hayova, Inita Daniele, Ivona Kautmanova, Tommy Knutsson
Rubinoboletus rubinusArmin Mešić, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Tor Erik Brandrud, Giampaolo Simonini, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva
Hygrocybe intermediaArmin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Hygrocybe flavipesArmin Mešić, Anders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Gomphus clavatusArmin Mešić, Elena Zvyagina, Martyn Ainsworth, Thomas Læssøe, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Irina Gorbunova, Kamil Kędra, Claudia Perini, Pablo Pérez Daniëls, Inita Daniele, Boris Ivančević, Vladimír Kunca, Michael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Cystoderma superbumArmin Mešić, Javier Marcos Martínez, Andreas Gminder, Thomas Læssøe
Lactarius haugiaeAnders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Lactarius fuscomarginatusAnders Dahlberg, Roberto Garibay Orijel
Hypotarzetta insignisElse Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Javier Marcos Martínez
Bondarcevomyces taxiTatyana Svetasheva, Anders Dahlberg, Anna Kiyashko
Ramaria purpurissimaAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Leucoagaricus hesperiusAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Leucoagaricus dyscritusAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Dendrocollybia pycnoramellaAnders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Hygrophorus olivaceoalbusAnders Dahlberg
Hygrophorus hypothejusAnders Dahlberg
Hydnum repandumAnders Dahlberg
Gomphidius glutinosusAnders Dahlberg
Suillus luteusAnders Dahlberg
Suillus grevilleiAnders Dahlberg
Suillus granulatusAnders Dahlberg
Suillus bovinusAnders Dahlberg
Russula vinosaAnders Dahlberg
Russula vescaAnders Dahlberg
Russula paludosaAnders Dahlberg
Russula decoloransAnders Dahlberg
Russula aerugineaAnders Dahlberg
Russula claroflavaAnders Dahlberg
Cuphophyllus lepidopusAnders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Amauroderma rugosumAnders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Ionomidotis irregularisDaniel Dvořák, Else Vellinga, Vladimír Kunca, Tsutomu Hattori, Eugene Popov, Tea von Bonsdorff
Biscogniauxia quernaDaniel Dvořák, Thomas Læssøe
Gliophorus europerplexusAnders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Suillus sibiricusDaniel Dvořák, Izabela L. Kalucka, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Susana C. Gonçalves, Katerina Rusevska, Sergey Volobuev, Elena Zvyagina, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Michael Krikorev, Mitko Karadelev
Cortinarius suaveolensDaniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson
Dermoloma magicumDaniel Dvořák, Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Fistulina guzmaniiAnders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Arrhenia discoroseaDaniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca, Tatiana Bulyonkova, Andreas Gminder, Elena Zvyagina, Thomas Læssøe
Tulostoma niveumBeatrice Senn-Irlet, Tea von Bonsdorff, Thomas Læssøe, Mikael Jeppson, Michael Krikorev, Stephan Helfer, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Anders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Lyophyllum favreiAnders Dahlberg, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Vera Hayova, Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Gelatinodiscus flavidusAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Pouzarella alissaeAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Gastroboletus subalpinusMichael Castellano, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Hygrophorus rainierensisAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Lactarius rubidusAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Albatrellus yasudaeAnders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Cyttaria darwiniiAnders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Coltricia montagneiAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Albatrellus cantharellusAnders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Suillus ploransAnders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Hymenochaete cruentaElse Vellinga, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Hericium erinaceusIzabela L. Kalucka, Noah Siegel, Anders Dahlberg, Anna Kiyashko, TEHO Group, Jean Berube, Tsutomu Hattori, Else Vellinga, Tatyana Svetasheva, Claudia Perini, Thomas Læssøe, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Michael Krikorev, Tommy Knutsson, Vladimír Kunca, Ivona Kautmanova, Stephanos Diamandis, Boris Ivančević
Amanita torrendiiAnders Dahlberg, Susana C. Gonçalves
Limacella ochraceoluteaElse Vellinga, M.R. Asef
Cryptoporus volvatusElse Vellinga, Tsutomu Hattori, Martyn Ainsworth, Tatyana Svetasheva
Humidicutis poilenaAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Humidicutis peleaeAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Paragyrodon sphaerosporusAnders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Lindtneria thujatsuginaElse Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Leptonia subrubineaDebbie Viess, Anders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Cantharocybe gruberiNoah Siegel, Christian Schwarz, Anders Dahlberg, Javier Marcos Martínez
Squamanita contortipesElse Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Inonotus obliquusTatyana Svetasheva, Anders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka, Else Vellinga, Dan Richman
Agaricus crocopeplusElse Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Ganoderma colossusElse Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Christian Schwarz
Hygrophorus goetzeiAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Todd Osmundson
Neolentiporus squamosellusAnders Dahlberg, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson, Martyn Ainsworth
Hygrocybe lepidaAnders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Hohenbuehelia culmicolaTommy Knutsson, Anders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Martyn Ainsworth, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson
Hohenbuehelia boniiAnders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Echinodontium ryvardeniiAnders Dahlberg, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson, Martyn Ainsworth
Echinodontium ballouiiNoah Siegel, Anders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Tsutomu Hattori, Martyn Ainsworth, Begoña Aguirre-Hudson
Tyromyces amarusPatrick Leacock, Anders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Cuphophyllus radiatusAnders Dahlberg, Martyn Ainsworth
Agaricus acheruntiusahmet Çiftçi
Hygrophorus vernalisAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Lepiota scaberulaAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Neoalbatrellus subcaeruleoporusAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Gloeocantharellus purpurascensAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Clathrus madagascariensisAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Patrice Ravonjiarisoa
Boletus pinophilusNoah Siegel, Anders Dahlberg
Hypholoma capnoidesAnders Dahlberg
Flammulina velutipesAnders Dahlberg
Clitopilus prunulusAnders Dahlberg
Cantharellula umbonataAnders Dahlberg
Stereopsis humphreyiAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Else Vellinga
Calostoma insigneAnders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Spongiforma squarepantsiiAnders Dahlberg, Andrew Anak Ngadin
Cyathus cheliensisYi-Jian Yao, Anders Dahlberg
Hygrocybe swaneticaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Tatyana Svetasheva, Anna Kiyashko
Sarcodon fuligineoviolaceusTatyana Svetasheva, Clemence Pillard, Martyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ivona Kautmanova, Michael Krikorev
Lepiota luteophyllaNoah Siegel, Debbie Viess, Anders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Christian Schwarz
Tremella aurantialbaAnders Dahlberg, Yi-Jian Yao
Cyathus wutaishanensisAnders Dahlberg, Yi-Jian Yao
Cyathus confususAnders Dahlberg, Yi-Jian Yao
Tricholoma joachimiiReda Irsenaite, Anders Dahlberg, Elena Zvyagina, Michael Krikorev, Claudia Perini, Tommy Knutsson
Sarcodon joeidesIzabela L. Kalucka, Thomas Læssøe, Giuliana Furci, Tommy Knutsson, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Mycena luxaeternaGregory Mueller
Hygrocybe noelokelaniAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Gastrosporium simplexIzabela L. Kalucka, Jean Berube, Tatyana Svetasheva, Martyn Ainsworth, Mikael Jeppson, Ivona Kautmanova, Tommy Knutsson, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Anders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev
Aleurodiscus bernicchiaeAnders Dahlberg, Mario Rajchenberg
Montagnea radiosaAnders Dahlberg, Izabela L. Kalucka
Gyroporus punctatusAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Tatyana Svetasheva
Tricholoma matsutakeRoberto Garibay Orijel, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tsutomu Hattori, Elena Zvyagina, Tor Erik Brandrud, Michael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Sarcosoma globosumMarija Katarzyte, Ellen Riggins, Tea von Bonsdorff, Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Thomas Læssøe, Toby Spribille, Vera Hayova, David Minter, Tommy Knutsson, Olga Nadyeina, Irina Gorbunova, Kamil Kędra, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, Eugene Popov, Anders Dahlberg
Pseudorhizina korshinskiiVladimír Kunca, Tatyana Svetasheva, Eugene Popov
Lepiota brunneolilaceaMartyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Circinaria rostamiiMohammad Sohrabi
Antrodia albobrunneaAnders Dahlberg, Clemence Pillard
Taiwanofungus camphoratusViktor Papp
Boletopsis nothofagiAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leonard
Anthracoidea ortegaeAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Entyloma maroccanumAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Michael Krikorev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Anthracoidea andinaAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Sporisorium elionuri-tristisAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Lenzitopsis oxycedriPeter Buchanan, Katerina Rusevska, Anders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Martyn Ainsworth, Mitko Karadelev
Suillus flavidusReda Irsenaite, Elena Zvyagina, Tea von Bonsdorff, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Vladimír Kunca, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, Michael Krikorev, Martyn Ainsworth, Inita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Kamil Kędra, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Lobaria halliiTatiana Pystina, Craig Hilton-Taylor, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Göran Thor, Christoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Anders Dahlberg
Lecanora conizaeoides f. conizaeoidesInita Daniele, Anders Dahlberg, Laurens Sparrius
Bacidia rosellaInita Daniele, Violeta Atienza, Sonia Ravera, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Christoph Scheidegger, Anders Dahlberg
Hydnotrya tulasneiTEHO Group, Michael Castellano, Jean Berube, Marija Katarzyte, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Eugene Popov, Ivona Kautmanova, Anders Dahlberg, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, David Minter
Choiromyces meandriformisInita Daniele, Michael Castellano, Jean Berube, Thomas Læssøe, Marija Katarzyte, Eugene Popov, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, David Minter
Pycnoporellus alboluteusDebbie Viess, Inita Daniele, Iraida Stavishenko, Else Vellinga, Bruno Boulet, Kamil Kędra, Boris Ivančević, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Tatyana Svetasheva
Hapalopilus nidulansInita Daniele, Carolina Girometta
Scutellinia kerguelensisPaola Angelini
Pycnoporus sanguineusMohd Salleh Sanusi, Marieka Gryzenhout
Blumeria graminisOliver Ellingham
Myriostoma coliformeNirmal Harsh, Aouali Souhila, Yury Rebriev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Tommy Knutsson, Vera Hayova, Anders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Thomas Læssøe, Mitko Karadelev, Vladimír Kunca, M.R. Asef, Martyn Ainsworth, Kamil Kędra, Boris Ivančević
Gyalecta ulmiMatthias Kaltenböck, Sonia Ravera, Tiina Randlane, Thomas Læssøe, Toby Spribille, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Alexander Paukov, Göran Thor, Christoph Scheidegger, Anders Dahlberg
Lycoperdon atropurpureumKaterina Rusevska, Tsutomu Hattori, Anders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev
Armillaria tabescensCarolina Girometta
Aleurodiscus hallenbergiiAnders Dahlberg, Mario Rajchenberg
Lycoperdon rimulatumMichael Krikorev, Martyn Ainsworth, Tommy Knutsson, Mikael Jeppson
Acantholichen galapagoensisAnders Dahlberg, Frank Bungartz, Michael Krikorev
Barbeyella minutissimaAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Martyn Ainsworth, Tetiana Kryvomaz
Restiosporium pateiAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Caulorhiza hygrophoroidesDebbie Viess, Anders Dahlberg, Annabelle Langlois
Lycogala flavofuscumTug DeLuce
Perenniporia fraxineaTug DeLuce
Globifomes graveolensTug DeLuce
Amanita westiiAnders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Cantharellus quercophilusAnders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Echinodontium japonicumAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori
Biscogniauxia bartholomaeiAnders Dahlberg, Brenda Callan
Lactarius novae-zelandiaeAnders Dahlberg, Jerry Cooper, Patrick Leonard
Amanita morrisiiMichael Castellano, Anders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Annabelle Langlois
Amanita ristichiiAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Christian Schwarz, Annabelle Langlois
Acarospora placodiiformisIbai Olariaga Ibarguren, André Aptroot, Toby Spribille, Anders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger, Violeta Atienza, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Callistosporium vinosobrunneumAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga
Hydnellum cyanopodiumAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel
Lepiota rhodophyllaNoah Siegel, Else Vellinga, Anders Dahlberg, Todd Osmundson, Christian Schwarz
Helvella palustrisRick Van de Poll
Skeletocutis nothofagiMario Rajchenberg, Anders Dahlberg
Fibricium gloeocystidiatumAnders Dahlberg, Mario Rajchenberg
Macrolepiota bonaerensisAnders Dahlberg, Mario Rajchenberg
Dendrothele latenavicularisAnders Dahlberg, Mario Rajchenberg
Hydnellum gracilipesReda Irsenaite, Martyn Ainsworth, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva, Michael Krikorev, Tor Erik Brandrud
Tuber indicumMichael Krikorev, Susana C. Gonçalves, Anders Dahlberg, Zhuliang Yang
Boninogaster phalloidesAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano, Tsutomu Hattori
Austroboletus amazonicusAnders Dahlberg, Aida Vasco, TEHO Group
Rozites colombianaAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, TEHO Group
Blastosporella zonataAnders Dahlberg, Aida Vasco, TEHO Group
Hygrocybe monteverdaeAnders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Boletus rhodosanguineusAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube
Hygrocybe flavifoliaNoah Siegel, Tommy Knutsson, Else Vellinga
Cortinarius prasinocyaneusAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson
Ramaria roelliniiAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Tommy Knutsson
Cortinarius odoratusAnders Dahlberg, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tommy Knutsson
Ustilago lepturi-xerophiliAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Ustilago neurachnesAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Urocystis novae-zelandiaeAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Ustilago suddianaAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Michael Krikorev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Urocystis galanthiAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Sporisorium glyphochloaeAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Restiosporium lepyrodiaeAnders Dahlberg, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Restiosporium dissimileAnders Dahlberg, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Puccinia embergeriaeAnders Dahlberg, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Mundkurella heptapleuriAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Teodor T. Denchev, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Mundkurella japonicaAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer, Cvetomir M. Denchev
Xerocoprinus arenariusJavier Marcos Martínez
Lactarius pseudoscrobiculatusJavier Marcos Martínez
Cleistocybe carneogriseaJavier Marcos Martínez
Tulostoma striatumJavier Marcos Martínez
Amanita singeriJavier Marcos Martínez
Symphyosirinia clematidisJavier Marcos Martínez
Floccularia luteovirensJavier Marcos Martínez, Anders Dahlberg, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Floccularia luteovirens f. luteovirensJavier Marcos Martínez, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Thomas Læssøe, Irina Gorbunova
Spathularia nigripesJavier Marcos Martínez, Davide Puddu
Lamproderma disseminatumAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Tetiana Kryvomaz
Diacheopsis kowalskiiTommy Knutsson, Anders Dahlberg, Tetiana Kryvomaz
Veluticeps berkeleyiAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Tommy Knutsson, Martyn Ainsworth, Mitko Karadelev
Platygramme pseudomontagneiAnders Dahlberg, Yoshihito Ohmura
Parmotrema sampaioiAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Graciela Paz
Parmotrema hypoleucinumAnders Dahlberg, Violeta Atienza
Lobaria immixtaAnders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger
Sulcaria spiraliferaAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin
Umbilicaria phaea var. coccineaAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin
Megaspora rimisorediataAnders Dahlberg, Alexander Paukov, Arsen Gasparyan
Lobaria macaronesicaAnders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger
Lecanographa lynceaAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Christoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Tommy Knutsson
Hyalopsora adianti-capilli-venerisAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer
Gyalectidium colchicumAnders Dahlberg, Gennadii Urbanavichus
Gyalecta herculinaAnders Dahlberg, Olga Nadyeina
Edrudia constipansAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Jason Hollinger
Leprocaulon terricolaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Rinodina brodoanaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Stereocaulon tennesseenseAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Platygramme coccineaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Rinodina chrysomelaenaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer, Jessica Allen
Physconia subpallidaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Phaeographis oricolaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Phaeophyscia leanaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Peltigera hydrothyriaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Opegrapha protocetraricaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Peltigera aquaticaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Peltigera gowardiiAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Opegrapha keyensisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Opegrapha gyrophoricaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Mycoporum biseptatumAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Loxospora confusaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Loxospora assateaguensisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Lecanora simeonensisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Lecanora phryganitisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Lecanora munziiAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Herpothallon hyposticticumAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Lecanographa insolitaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Fissurina americanaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Fissurina ilicicolaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Fissurina alligatorensisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Enterographa murrayanaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Xanthoparmelia idahoensisAnders Dahlberg, Curtis Bjork
Collema coniophilumAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Curtis Bjork
Usnocetraria oakesianaAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Einar Timdal, Toby Spribille, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Göran Thor, Christoph Scheidegger, Jonas Rosell, James Lendemer, Tiina Randlane
Nephromopsis endocroceaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, Tiina Randlane
Lethariella togashiiAnders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Tiina Randlane, Yoshihito Ohmura
Cetreliopsis papuaeAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Christoph Scheidegger, Tiina Randlane
Dianema inconspicuumAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Tetiana Kryvomaz
Staurolemma omphalarioidesAnders Dahlberg, Violeta Atienza, Sonia Ravera, Einar Timdal
Stereocaulon coniophyllumAnders Dahlberg, Einar Timdal
Peltigera retifoveataAnders Dahlberg, Einar Timdal
Fuscopannaria ahlneriAnders Dahlberg, Einar Timdal
Enterographa nitidulaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Enterographa caudataAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Enterographa bradleyanaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Diorygma basinigrumAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Buellia carballalianaAnders Dahlberg, Graciela Paz, Michael Krikorev
Seirophora villosaAnders Dahlberg, Sonia Ravera, Toby Spribille, Tiina Randlane, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Violeta Atienza
Ramalina timdalianaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Parmelina atrichaAnders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Cladonia mediterraneaAndré Aptroot, Toby Spribille, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Violeta Atienza, Anders Dahlberg, Sonia Ravera
Caloplaca rinodinae-albaeAnders Dahlberg, Sonia Ravera
Porpidia nadvornikianaAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Alan Fryday
Bryoria mariensisAnders Dahlberg, Alan Fryday
Umbilicaria josiaeAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot
Xanthoparmelia beccaeAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Sergio Perez-Ortega, André Aptroot
Sticta alpinotropicaAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Sergio Perez-Ortega, André Aptroot
Siphula flavovirensAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, André Aptroot, Tiina Randlane, Alan Fryday
Reichlingia zwackhiiToby Spribille, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Göran Thor, André Aptroot, Christoph Scheidegger, Anders Dahlberg
Ramalina portosantanaAnders Dahlberg, Sergio Perez-Ortega, André Aptroot
Ramalina jamesiiAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Ramalina confertulaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot
Peltularia crassaAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Alan Fryday
Nephroma hensseniaeAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot
Nephroma foliolatumAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot
Nephroma areolatumAnders Dahlberg, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Christoph Scheidegger, André Aptroot
Collema curtisporumGennadii Urbanavichus, Einar Timdal, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Christoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Anders Dahlberg
Circinaria emiliaeAnders Dahlberg, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Toby Spribille, André Aptroot, Alexander Paukov
Lepraria lanataAnders Dahlberg, Jessica Allen
Sulcaria badiaAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin, Jessica Allen
Lecanora masanaAnders Dahlberg, Jessica Allen
Coccotrema maritimumAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Jessica Allen
Bryoria carlottaeAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Jessica Allen
Aspicilia rogeriAnders Dahlberg, Jessica Allen
Pilophorus fibulaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Erin Tripp
Santessoniella crossophyllaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, Tiina Randlane, Erin Tripp
Graphis sterlingianaAnders Dahlberg, Erin Tripp
Arthonia cupressinaAnders Dahlberg, Erin Tripp
Arthonia calabrellaAnders Dahlberg, Sonia Ravera
Elaphomyces virgatosporusJean Berube, Michael Castellano, Michael Krikorev, Tine Grebenc, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg
Siphula dactylizaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille
Xylographa lagoiAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille
Sulcaria isidiiferaAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Christoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Jessica Allen
Hypotrachyna virginicaAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Christoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Jessica Allen
Dermiscellum oulocheilumAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, James Lendemer, Toby Spribille, Helmut Mayrhofer
Dendriscosticta wrightiiAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Göran Thor, Dmitry Himelbrant, Irina Stepanchikova, Peter Bilovitz, Alexey Selivanov, Karen Dillman, Toby Spribille
Collema dichotomumAnders Dahlberg, André Aptroot, Alexander Paukov, Christoph Scheidegger, Sergio Perez-Ortega, Toby Spribille, Brian Coppins
Arthonia kermesinaAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Toby Spribille, Christoph Scheidegger, James Lendemer, Erin Tripp
Polyporus corylinusAnders Dahlberg, Viktor Papp, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Psathyrella sphagnicolaAnders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Thomas Læssøe, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Leucopaxillus lepistoides var. lepistoidesAnders Dahlberg, Yury Rebriev, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Hohenbuehelia longipesAnders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Martyn Ainsworth, Thomas Læssøe, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Gomphus guadelupensisAnders Dahlberg, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Gomphus crassipesAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Martyn Ainsworth, Pablo Pérez Daniëls
Entoloma galericolorAnders Dahlberg, Pierre-Arthur Moreau
Hymenochaete ulmicolaAnders Dahlberg, Viktor Papp, Michael Krikorev, Tommy Knutsson, Thomas Læssøe
Squamanita schreieriThomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Hydnodon thelephorusAnders Dahlberg, Joaquin Cifuentes
Campanophyllum proboscideumAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe, Joaquin Cifuentes
Amanita arocheaeAnders Dahlberg, Joaquin Cifuentes
Cyphelium brachysporumAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Cryptothecia fuscopunctataAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Cladonia submitisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Cladonia appalachensisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Cladidium bolanderiAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, James Lendemer
Caloplaca obamaeAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Bacidia phyllopsoropsisAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Buellia sharpianaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Thelomma carolinianumAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Arthopyrenia betulicolaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Anzia ornataAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin, Toby Spribille, James Lendemer
Anzia colpodesAnders Dahlberg, Troy McMullin, James Lendemer
Acanthothecis paucisporaAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Acanthothecis leucoxanthoidesAnders Dahlberg, James Lendemer
Otidea platysporaAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Tommy Knutsson, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Entoloma henriciiAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Podoscypha multizonataAnders Dahlberg, Tommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Martyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe
Porpoloma metapodiumAnders Dahlberg, Tea von Bonsdorff, Thomas Læssøe, Tommy Knutsson, Ivona Kautmanova, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren
Cordyceps kirkiiAnders Dahlberg, Peter Buchanan
Retiboletus flavonigerMichael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg, Gregory Mueller
Naiadolina flavomerulinaAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leacock, Jean Berube
Tubaria puniceaAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Brenda Callan, Shannon Berch
Tricholoma graveAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Jean Berube
Ramariopsis lentofragilisAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube
Stereopsis burtianaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube
Boletus billieaeAnders Dahlberg, Noah Siegel, Todd Osmundson
Polyporus subvariusAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori
Lignosus rhinocerotisAnders Dahlberg, Tsutomu Hattori
Stropharia halophilaAnders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Entoloma jennyaeAnders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Elaphomyces anthracinusAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano, Thomas Læssøe, Marija Katarzyte, Ivona Kautmanova, David Minter
Elaphomyces aculeatusAndreas Gminder, Jean Berube, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg, Ivona Kautmanova, Vladimír Kunca, David Minter
Wadeana dendrographaAnders Dahlberg, Brian Coppins, Olga Nadyeina, David Minter
Tripospora macrosporaAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Tripospora venezuelensisAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Triblidium octosporumAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Tirmania niveaAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Terfezia claveryiAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Terfezia boudieriAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Kalaharituber pfeiliiAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, David Minter
Terfezia arenariaAnders Dahlberg, Eugene Popov, David Minter
Nectria ganymedeAnders Dahlberg, Dimitar Stoykov, David Minter
Lophodermella conjunctaAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Elaphomyces muricatusAnders Dahlberg, Marija Katarzyte, Inita Daniele, Vladimír Kunca, David Minter
Elaphomyces granulatusAnders Dahlberg, Marija Katarzyte, Eugene Popov, Inita Daniele, Ivona Kautmanova, David Minter
Diehliomyces microsporusAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Diacheopsis metallicaAnders Dahlberg, Tetiana Kryvomaz, Stephan Helfer, David Minter
Corynelia jamaicensisAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Corynelia portoricensisAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Corynelia nipponensisAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Corynelia brasiliensisAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Barrmaelia oxyacanthaeAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Bacidia incompta var. incomptaAnders Dahlberg, Sonia Ravera, David Minter
Caloplaca luteoalbaAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Balsamia platysporaAnders Dahlberg, Vladimír Kunca, David Minter
Acrospermum chilenseAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Balsamia vulgarisAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Chorioactis geasterAnders Dahlberg, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe
Grifola gargalJuan Alejandro Mijares pizano, Giuliana Furci
Hericium rajchenbergiiGerardo Robledo
Cercopemyces crocodilinusDebbie Viess, Todd Osmundson
Ophiocordyceps sinensisAnders Dahlberg, Nirmal Harsh, Paul Cannon, Zhuliang Yang
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendensJean Berube, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg, Eef Arnolds
Lepiota viridiglebaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Else Vellinga
Russula hixsoniiAnders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Rhizopogon baxteriAnders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Wynnea sparassoidesAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leacock, Rick Van de Poll
Lactarius fuliginellusAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Patrick Leacock
Xylaria poiteiAnders Dahlberg, Brenda Callan
Lactarius agglutinatusAnders Dahlberg, Annabelle Langlois
Suillus weaveraeAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Else Vellinga, Patrick Leacock
Russula texensisAnders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Clitopilus tilliiAnders Dahlberg, Annabelle Langlois
Cotylidia carpaticaAnders Dahlberg, Else Vellinga, Annabelle Langlois
Psathyrella rhodosporaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube, Patrick Leacock
Psathyrella cystidiosaAnders Dahlberg, Patrick Leacock
Laccaria pseudomontanaAnders Dahlberg, Todd Osmundson
Inocybe comatellaAnders Dahlberg, Jean Berube
Camarophyllopsis peckianaAnders Dahlberg, Rick Van de Poll
Hygrocybe purpureofoliaAnders Dahlberg, Michael Castellano, Annabelle Langlois
Gyroporus phaeocyanescensAnders Dahlberg, David Lewis
Clavulinopsis appalachiensisRick Van de Poll
Suillus subalpinusRick Van de Poll, Todd Osmundson
Bovista acuminataAnnabelle Langlois, Jean Berube, Thomas Læssøe, Tatyana Svetasheva, Yury Rebriev
Cercopemyces ponderosusTodd Osmundson
Boletus regiusAndreas Gminder, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Nikola Lačković, Olga Nadyeina, Martyn Ainsworth, Ivona Kautmanova, Kamil Kędra, Tatyana Svetasheva, Vladimír Kunca, Anders Dahlberg, Boris Ivančević
Cetradonia linearisChristoph Scheidegger, Toby Spribille, Jessica Allen
Ramalina erosaAnders Dahlberg, Toby Spribille, André Aptroot, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Claustula fischeriAnders Dahlberg, Tom May, Jean Berube, Michael Castellano, Peter Buchanan
Hericium coralloidesClaudia Perini, Mario Rajchenberg, Tsutomu Hattori, Tea von Bonsdorff, Martyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, M.R. Asef, Anders Dahlberg, Olga Nadyeina, Nirmal Harsh, Peter Buchanan, Boris Ivančević, Tatyana Svetasheva, Inita Daniele, Mitko Karadelev, Vladimír Kunca, Kamil Kędra
Cortinarius citrino-olivaceusTor Erik Brandrud
Gautieria inapireJean Berube, Giuliana Furci
Leptonia carneaElse Vellinga
Russula austrodelicaGiuliana Furci
Destuntzia rubraJean Berube, Michael Castellano
Catatrama costaricensisTEHO Group
Gastroboletus valdivianusJean Berube, Michael Castellano, Giuliana Furci
Boletus loyoAnders Dahlberg, Tor Erik Brandrud, Giuliana Furci
Cortinarius pavelekiiAnders Dahlberg, Michael Castellano
Entoloma necopinatumThomas Læssøe, Gregory Mueller, Giuliana Furci
Rhizopogon alexsmithiiJean Berube, Michael Castellano
Gastrolactarius camphoratusJean Berube, Michael Castellano
Fevansia aurantiacaJean Berube, Michael Castellano
Colus hirudinosusThomas Læssøe, Davide Puddu
Hygrocybe miniatofirmaThomas Læssøe
Filobasidiella luteaThomas Læssøe
Hygroaster cleefiiTEHO Group
Mycena concolorJean Berube, Thomas Læssøe
Lamelloporus americanusThomas Læssøe
Cyttaria exiguaThomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg, Melissa Mardones Hidalgo, David Minter, Giuliana Furci
Craterellus boyacensisTEHO Group
Gloeocantharellus uitotanusAida Vasco, TEHO Group
Hygrocybe striatellaGiuliana Furci
Cortinarius osloensisThomas Læssøe, Tor Erik Brandrud
Royoporus pseudobetulinusMichael Castellano, Tatyana Svetasheva, Tsutomu Hattori, Bruno Boulet
Mycena silvae-pristinaeThomas Læssøe
Agaricus pattersoniaeElse Vellinga
Geoglossum littoraleThomas Læssøe
Ramaria broomeiTsutomu Hattori, Martyn Ainsworth, Beatrice Senn-Irlet, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Thomas Læssøe, Anders Dahlberg
Buellia asterellaAndré Aptroot, Christoph Scheidegger, Christian Printzen, Toby Spribille, Peter Bilovitz
Geastrum hungaricumTsutomu Hattori, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Yury Rebriev, Martyn Ainsworth, Tommy Knutsson, Mikael Jeppson
Lysurus gardneriTsutomu Hattori, Irina Gorbunova
Pseudoallosoma nervisequensAnders Dahlberg, David Minter
Puccinia sieversiaeAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer
Puccinia clintoniiAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer
Nyssopsora echinataAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer
Puccinia scorzoneraeAnders Dahlberg, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Stephan Helfer
Puccinia physospermiAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer
Pucciniastrum goodyeraeAnders Dahlberg, Stephan Helfer
Lethariella intricataToby Spribille, Anders Dahlberg, Christoph Scheidegger, Sonia Ravera, Olga Nadyeina
Ascoclavulina sakaiiTsutomu Hattori, Eugene Popov
Xanthoparmelia pulvinarisOlga Vondráková, Olga Nadyeina, Sergio Perez-Ortega
Geastrum pouzariiYury Rebriev, Martyn Ainsworth, Tommy Knutsson, Mikael Jeppson
Leptogium rivulareSergio Perez-Ortega, Toby Spribille, André Aptroot, Christoph Scheidegger, Alexander Paukov, Tiina Randlane
Chlorogaster dipterocarpiTommy Knutsson, Michael Krikorev, Thomas Læssøe
Seirophora lacunosaEugenia Muchnik, Violeta Atienza
Hygrocybe aphyllaAnders Dahlberg, Thomas Læssøe
Porpoloma spinulosumMartyn Ainsworth, Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, Thomas Læssøe
Pyrofomes demidoffiiMitko Karadelev
Floccularia rickeniiTommy Knutsson, Ivona Kautmanova, Thomas Læssøe
Anzia centrifugaCraig Hilton-Taylor, Christoph Scheidegger, Sergio Perez-Ortega, André Aptroot
Panaeolus papilionaceus var. papilionaceusInita Daniele, Thomas Læssøe, amira el-fallal
Phallus impudicus var. togatusInita Daniele, Irina Gorbunova
Pluteus aurantiorugosusIbai Olariaga Ibarguren, Nikola Lačković, Vladimír Kunca, Jacob Heilmann-Clausen, M.R. Asef, Ivona Kautmanova, Tatyana Svetasheva, Martyn Ainsworth, Anders Dahlberg, Kamil Kędra, Beatrice Senn-Irlet
Cladonia perforataJason Hollinger
Ramaria magnipesMichael Krikorev, Anders Dahlberg
Nemania gwyneddiiAnders Dahlberg, Melissa Mardones Hidalgo, David Minter
Gymnoderma insulareAnders Dahlberg, Olga Nadyeina, Michael Krikorev, Yoshihito Ohmura
Xylaria moliwensisCraig Hilton-Taylor
Chlorovibrissea melanochloraSapphire McMullan-Fisher
Deflexula fascicularisSapphire McMullan-Fisher
Beenakia frictaPablo Pérez Daniëls
Erioderma pedicellatumChristoph Scheidegger
Phellorinia herculeanaYury Rebriev


Table 3. Data contributors for each species. The columns can be sorted by clicking the headers.

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