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Lithographa opegraphoides Coppins & Fryday

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Scientific name
Lithographa opegraphoides
Coppins & Fryday
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Assessment status
Proposed by
Alan Fryday
Alan Fryday
Tiana Scott
Comments etc.
Jessica Allen

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

There are several species from the southern subpolar region assigned to the genus Lithographa, but it is uncertain if they are congeneric with the type species, L. tesserata, which is known only from the northern hemisphere.

The only other species of Lithographa reported from the Falkland Islands is the more frequent circum-subantarctic species L. graphidioides, which is easily distinguished from L. opegraphoides by its reddish thallus.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Known from a single low ridge of siliceous rock on East Falkland and not recorded since 1968.

Geographic range

Lithographa opegraphoides is narrowly endemic to the Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas and is known only from one location (AOO = 4 km2
EOO = 4 km2). It is known from a single low ridge of siliceous rock on East Falkland and not recorded since 1968.

Population and Trends

Known from a single collection made in 1968. Not seen in recent lichen surveys of the Falkland Islands (2015).

Population Trend:

Habitat and Ecology



Conservation Actions

Research needed

There appears to be nothing special about the ecology of Goat Ridge so it would have been expected that this species occurs elsewhere on the Falkland Islands. However, L. opegraphoides has not been discovered elsewhere among the c 5,000 collections from the islands, nor in the c. 10,000 lichen collections from southern South America held in the herbarium of Michigan State University herbarium (MSC), so is evidently extremely rare.

Goat Ridge is also the location of two other taxa that are endemic to the Falkland Islands: Bacidia pruinata and Cliostomum longisporum. The former species is of special interest because molecular data shows it to not be congeneric to the type species of Bacidia, and also not closely related to any other species for which molecular data is available

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Coppins, B. J. & Fryday, A. M. (2006) New or previously misunderstood species of Lithographa and Rimularia (Agyriaceae) from the southern subpolar region and western Canada. Lichenologist 38: 93–107.
Fryday, A.M., Orange, A., Ahti, T., Øvstedal, D.O. & Crabtree, D.E. (2019) Checklist of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi reported from the Falkland Islands. Glalia 8(1): 1–100.

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