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Cantharellus canaliculatus (Pers.) Quél.

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Scientific name
Cantharellus canaliculatus
(Pers.) Quél.
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Proposed by
Christine Tansey
Christine Tansey
Comments etc.
James Westrip

Assessment Notes


There is limited information available from the type description of the species, and no subsequent occurrence records of C. canaliculatus or the species for which it is a homotypic synonym.  With a lack of occurrence data and information on the habitat and ecology of the species, it is not possible to assess the status of its population or distribution. In addition, a synonymy issue needs to be noted to ensure that occurrence data is correctly ascribed to this species in future.
It is therefore now assessed as Data Deficient.

Taxonomic notes

Cantharellus canaliculatus was described in 1879 by Petter Adolf Karsten, but is listed as a homotypic synonym of Merulius canaliculatus (described by Christiaan Hendrik Persoon in 1800) on GBIF. The taxonomy of M. canaliculatus is also listed as doubtful on GBIF.

Other homotypic synonyms of Merulius canaliculatus include Asterophora canaliculata and Nyctalis canaliculata.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Chanterelle species to be assessed as part of the chanterelle comprehensive project. However, dropped as it does not look like a species of Cantharellus s. .str. Corner suggested it might belong to Cantharellula.

Geographic range

Geographic range unknown.
Type description of C. canaliculatus lists ‘Scandinavia?’ as location, in a publication looking at the mushrooms of Russia, Finland and Scandinavia, therefore a range map or more accurate distribution is not possible. Available descriptions of homotypic synonyms specify only ‘Europe’, which does not narrow the range.

There is no occurrence data available on GBIF, under this name or Merulius canaliculatus, or its other homotypic synonyms.

Population and Trends

Only known from type description.

Population Trend: Uncertain

Habitat and Ecology

From the C. canaliculatus type description, the species habitat is listed as tree trunks (Karsten, 1879), and the substrate listed on the Mycobank specimen is ‘mosses’.

From the descriptions of Merulius canaliculatus/Nyctalis canaliculata, habitat is listed as cavities in the trunks of trees. (Fries, 1839 and Saccardo, 1887).

Temperate ForestTemperate Shrubland


No known threats.

Conservation Actions

Research needed

Confirmation of taxonomic status, population and distribution data and ecology required to better assess species.

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Regional Population and Trends

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