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Perenniporia medulla-panis (Jacq.) Donk

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Scientific name
Perenniporia medulla-panis
(Jacq.) Donk
Common names
Valge püsipoorik
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Under Assessment
Proposed by
Reda Iršėnaitė
Reda Iršėnaitė
Comments etc.
Anders Dahlberg, Irja Saar

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

According to Decock & Stalpers (2006) the concept of P. medulla-panis used of e.g. Ryvarden & Gilbertson (1994) was broad and included two species in Europe. As defined by Decock & Stalpers (2006) P. medulla-panis is known only from Europe (ranging from Italy to Norway, eastward to Russia).

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Perenniporia medulla-panis is wood decay polypore fungus found on dead hardwood, especially oak (Quercus). It is widespread, but considered rare in Europe and distributed in Europe north up to the limit of the Quercus range. The species is threatened by felling of host trees and removal of coarse woody debris.

Geographic range

Population and Trends

Population Trend:

Habitat and Ecology

Perenniporia medulla-panis is saprotrophic wood-inhabiting fungus growing on hardwood trees especially on Quercus, but it is also known from other trees, such as Alnus, Betula, Corylus, Fagus, Tilia, Fraxinus. It grows on stumps, coarse fallen trunks or on old living trees in trunk cavities in old oak forests or mixed forests with oaks. Fruit body is perennial, widely effused, resupinate, 2-20 mm thick, tough-corky. Pore surface white when fresh, later cream colour, the pores small and circular.


Conservation Actions

Research needed

Use and Trade


Stalpers, J.A., Decock C., 2006. Studies in Perenniporia: Polyporus unitus, Boletus medulla-panis, the Nomenclature of Perenniporia, Poria and Physisporus, and a Note on European Perenniporia with a Resupinate Basidiome. Taxon 55: 759-778.

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