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Cunninghamella phaeospora Boedijn

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Scientific name
Cunninghamella phaeospora
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Chytrid, Zygomycete, Downy Mildew and Slime Mould
Incertae sedis
Assessment status
Proposed by
Leslie Freitas
Comments etc.
Leslie Freitas

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Colony initially white, becoming light gray and after 8 days, on BDA, at 28 °C. Sporangiophores hyaline, erect, some recumbent, rarely opposite rhizoids, or arising from areal hyphae, (2.5–) 4.7–8 (–12) μm in diam., frequently monopodially branched, rarely psendoverticillatelly or verticillatelly branched, all terminating with a vesicle. Rhizoids simple, some branched; stolons present. Vesicles light brown, ovoid, subglobose, some irregular in shape. Sporangiola brownish to dark brown, monospored, strongly equinulate, globose 4,5–13 μm in diam.  Sporangiospores remaining inside the sporangiola, hyaline, globose, 4 - 11 μm in diam. Chlamydospores and Zygosporangia not observed. Heterothallic.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

This species has been reported only in 5 countries. Due to the lack of adequate information I would suggest that this species be categorized as insufficient data (DD).

Geographic range

Population and Trends

There are about 18 records of this species in GBIF.

Population Trend:

Habitat and Ecology

Reported on soil, herbivore dung from Brazilian nuts and from Mycomedia sp. In Brazil, this species have been moslty recorded in the Subtropical/Tropical Moist Lowland Forest and Subtropical/Tropical Moist Montane Forest,  with some reports in Savanna and Subtropical/Tropical dry Shrubland domains.


Conservation Actions

Research needed

The species has a fragmented distribution in Brazil. Studies about its distribution are needed.

Use and Trade


ZHENG, Y-Y.; CHEN, G-Q. A monograph of Cunninghamella. Mycotaxon, v. 80, p. 1-75, 2001.

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Regional Population and Trends

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