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Hydnum repandum L.

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Scientific name
Hydnum repandum
Common names
Wood Hedgehog
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Preliminary Category
Proposed by
Anders Dahlberg
Anders Dahlberg
Tommy Knutsson

Assessment Notes


Hydnum repandum is a common and widespread edible ectomycorrhizal in northern Eu-rope and northeastern North America. Although its marginal populations are declining, there is no evidence of decline within its main population. It can be locally abundant where suitable habitat exists. Therefore, it is assessed as Least Concern (LC).

Taxonomic notes

Hydnum is an understudied fungal genera and the first molecular phylogenetic analysis has only recently been reported. This study suggest H. repandum to be a taxon with a holarctic, and records from the southern hemisphere to be other taxa (Feng et al 2016). This delimitation is made in this assessment.

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

Geographic range

Hydnum repandum is common is broadly distributed in northern temperate and boreal zone of Europe, Asia and western North America. The area of occupancy (AOO) of this species is much larger than 2,000 km², and its extent of occurrence (EOO) is much larger than 20,000 km².

Population and Trends

The population size is likely to be very large since this is such a widespread species. The population is assessed to be stable in the northern parts of Holarctic (e.g. the national Red Lists of Finland, Norway and Sweden), but is classified as threatened and declining in countries in central Europe (e.g. the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium).  The overall populations is classified as more or less stable.

Population Trend:

Habitat and Ecology

Hydnum repandum is an ectomycorrhizal mushroom growing in coniferous, mixed and broad-leaved woodlands. It form mycorrhiza with both conifer and broadleaved tree species. They often fruit gregariously, forming rows or occasionally fairy circles that may diameters up to 10 meters in size, hence being of considerable age.

Boreal ForestTemperate Forest


There are no major global threats to this species. However, marginal populations are reported to decline, probably due to nitrogen deposition and impaired forest situations.

Conservation Actions

No conservation measures are needed for this species since it is widespread and there are no major threats to it.

Research needed

Use and Trade

Hydnum repandum is a highly appreciated edible mushroom and one of the officially recognized edible species. Mushrooms are collected and sold in local markets of Europe and Canada

Food - human


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Regional Population and Trends

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