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Lactarius californiensis Hesler & A.H. Sm.

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Scientific name
Lactarius californiensis
Hesler & A.H. Sm.
Common names
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Assessment date
IUCN Red List Category
Siegel, N.
Mueller, G.M.

Assessment Notes

The content on this page is fetched from The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/195922550/195927470


Lactarius californiensis is a common species in northern California, likely associated with Tanoak. It is often recorded as L. pallescens, a similar pale-capped species that often occurs in the same habitat, with larger spores. It has also been misreported as L. uvidus, a species not known to occur in western North America. The species is widespread, and no decline has been observed. It is assessed as Least Concern (LC).

Taxonomic notes

This species was described from a type collection made in Mendocino County, California, USA (Hesler and Smith 1979). Previously it was referred to as Lactarius uvidus group, and occasionally misidentified as L. pallescens.

Geographic range

This species is found from Santa Cruz County California north into central Oregon in coast and Coast Range forests, and also in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills.

Population and Trends

This species is widespread, occurring in most of northern California's mixed evergreen forests. It is locally common from Sonoma county north through Humboldt County, California, but is occasional elsewhere. The population appears to be stable, with no decline having been noted.

Population Trend: stable

Habitat and Ecology

It is ectomycorrhizal, occurring in mixed evergreen forests on Northern California and south-west Oregon. It is likely to be associated with Tanoak (Notholithocarpus densiflorus), possibly Madrone (Arbutus menziesii) or Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). Fruiting occurs in fall into winter.


No specific threats have been identified with regards to this species.

Conservation Actions

No specific conservation actions are needed with regards to this species, and no specific research is currently needed either.

Use and Trade

No use/trade is known.

Source and Citation

Siegel, N. 2021. Lactarius californiensis. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2021: e.T195922550A195927470. https://dx.doi.org/10.2305/IUCN.UK.2021-2.RLTS.T195922550A195927470.en .Downloaded on 25 September 2021

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