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Arrhenia discorosea (Pilát) E.A. Zvyagina, A.V. Alexandrova, T.M. Bulyonkova

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Scientific name
Arrhenia discorosea
(Pilát) E.A. Zvyagina, A.V. Alexandrova, T.M. Bulyonkova
Common names
Аррения розоводисковая
kalichovka fialovoružová
IUCN Specialist Group
Mushroom, Bracket and Puffball
Assessment status
Proposed by
Thomas Læssøe
Tatiana Bulyonkova, Andreas Gminder, Thomas Læssøe, Elena Zvyagina
Comments etc.
Daniel Dvořák, Vladimír Kunca

Assessment Notes

Taxonomic notes

Arrhenia discorosea
Omphalia discorosea
Omphalina discorosea
Rhodocybe xylophila
Omphalina xylophila

Why suggested for a Global Red List Assessment?

A rare, distinct omphalinoid species with red spore deposit confined to very big aspen wood, more rarely other hard wood hosts.
We need to have a clear idea on the decline rate of coarse trunks within its distribution area. Such trunks are now a very rare sight in Europe and in Europe the species could already be extinct or nearly so.
Assessed as DD at present but could qualify for NT/VU if a suspected decline of substrate could be qualified.

Geographic range

Extends from Far Eastern Russia across temperate Asia to western Europe. Known from one site in Belgium and likewise in Poland. It is not known from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany. It is known from 33 sites across the Russia Federation.

Population and Trends

Population Trend:

Habitat and Ecology

Found on decaying, sometimes standing aspen (Populus tremula) trunks but also other hardwood species such as Ulmus and Tilia.

Temperate Forest


Removal of coarse aspen and dead wood in general.

Logging & wood harvesting

Conservation Actions

Should be monitored.

Resource & habitat protection

Research needed

The extend of habitat damage within the distribution area should be investigated in detail. Many other species from a range of taxonomic groups depend on coarse aspen.

Use and Trade


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Zvyagina, E.A, Alexandrova, A.V. & Bulyoncova,T.M. 2015. Omphalina discorosea: taxonomical position of the species. Phytopatologiya 5(4): 384-385.

Known distribution - countries

Regional Population and Trends

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