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European Initiative – Workshop in Cambridge, 25–29 March 2019

Start: Tue, 01 Jan 2019

End: Sun, 31 Mar 2019

Location: the IUCNs office in Cambridge, UK.

Contact: Anders Dahlberg

Participants: • Irmgard Greilhuber, Austria • Armic Mesic, Croatia • Irja Saar, Estonia • Tea von Bonsdorff, Finland • Claudia Perini, Italy • Reda Irsenaite, Lithuania • John Bjarne Jordal, Norway • Tor Erik Brandrud, Norway • Iza Kalunka, Poland • Susana Gonçalves, Portugal • Tatyana Svetashova, Russia • Anders Dahlberg, Sweden • Martyn Ainsworth, UK • Greg Mueller, US

This is a three-month project aiming to have 200 species predominantly distributed in Europe assessed by the end of March and officially red-listed by IUCN by the end of 2019. The success will depend on that many mycologists will contribute with information and be in charge of the assessments. This initiative is supported by IUCN and facilitated by Anders Dahlberg. The assessments of the species will be finalize during a workshop March 25-29th with 14 invited mycologists and staff from IUCN.

Download Excel: Workshop Species List (Excel)

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